What is Article Submission Sites – How To Work Article Submission Sites

What is article submission sites or how to work article submission sites? Later in the article submission of page SEO category. article submissions publish your article on websites that contain articles based on the unique articles written by your website. Why do you submit an article? For that, you can get the backlink for your website from the article that you are publishing your related article. To do this, first we need to write an article, then go to the article submissions site and register it, then 100% complete profiles and submit the article.

How To Work Article Submission Sites

Follow these steps to submit an article written on Article Submission sites.

  1. Open an article submission website from the list.
  2. Sign up for the Article Submission website.
  3. Adjust your profile perfectly and add your social media profile link and blog link.
  4. Submit your written article now.
  5. Keep the Title Title Active.
  6. Take backlink for your article related articles from your submitted article.
  7. Do not spam.
  8. Publish Article One or two articles on the wiki.

Page Rank 7 Article Submission site List 2016

Why Submit Articles To The Article Submissions Website?

  1. Take high dofollow links from high pA websites
  2. Increase the visitor to your website
  3. To advance to your website’s ranking
  4. Get backlink pay for pay websites

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