The Basic Useful WordPress Plugin 2018 – Free WordPress Plugins BD & India

The basic useful WordPress plugin 2018 or free WordPress plugins bd & free WordPress plugins India. We are discussing WordPress useful and free plugin specially for Bangladesh and Indian people. Here we are providing 20+ effective and essential plugin all are free for Bangladesh and India. This useful WordPress plugin 2018 can be made easy to work in WordPress based website design and development.

What is WordPress Plugin? – The Basic Useful WordPress Plugin 2018

The plugin is a WordPress site that uses certain functional commands to fulfill the needs of the user. and the plugin’s contribution to WordPress’s success and popularity is highest. With the plugin, you can control the entire structure of your site. You can control the whole post/tune of your site with WordPress plugins.
You can get huge plugin in WordPress directory. WordPress Plugins
You can install plugins in 2 ways

  1. Directly from WordPress Dashboard (Plugins) and
  2. FTP software uploads to the server.

Some important Plugins of WordPress:

Jetpack: This is the plugin group created by WordPress. The reason for saying plugins is that it has created a plugin that has many plugins together.

VaultPress : This is a plugin for WordPress backup.

Akismet : It is unique to keep WordPress spam free.

Polldaddy : It is used for creating surveys or question questions.

VideoPress : After hearing the name, you can understand YouTube as a site to upload videos.

Gravatar : If you create an account on this site and complete your profile (such as pictures, your website, your social account, some things about you, etc.), then the e-mail that created the account, the e-mail made by their company Your use of the site will be automatically added to your information.

IntenseDebate: It is used for tuition on various blog sites.

After the Deadline: This website is used to check spelling and grammar content.

Plinky: This is a question-and-answer site.

Code Poet: This is a blog site.

WordPress VIP: This is a hosting site.

BuddyPress: We know there is no easier way than to create a blog site. But if you want to create a site like Facebook? The solution is this plugin. I do not understand the plugin or I cannot understand another wordpress.

BBPress: If you want to add a forum to WordPress then you can use this plugin.

GlotPress: This is a blog site. But a lot of the forums.

P2 Theme: This is a system to create a blog site. But a lot of the forums.

Ping-o-Matic: We ping to get your site fast in search engines. This site is for doing this job.

WP for iOS: This site is for iPhone operating.

WP for Android: This site for Android.

WP for BlackBerry: This site is for Blackberry.

WP for Windows Phone: This site for Windows Phone.

Word Camp SF: This is a blog site.