How Can I Make Complete web 2

Complete web 2 for your website to get started successfully. Web 2.0 has already heard the search engine optimization. I will try to discuss this article completely with Web 2.0.We look at many free blog sites and social media sites. They allow free accounting and other facilities. Web 2.0 is a means of creating back links with accounts linked to these websites and sharing links in different ways. You can increase the search rank or ranking by creating back links for Web 2.0 for your site or blog. Good web 2.0 is good for Ranking only with low quality domain.

Web 2.0 is basically a rich intelligent client that shares information on the web and works with more rich media. For example, photos, sounds, video etc, the simplest way is to say, “Free web accounting, free hosting and other facilities are available so many free blog sites or social media sites can be seen.

How Can I Make Complete web 2

Do not say too much, let’s start.

Now I want to start step by step web 2.0 creation. Fast need to find out high PR base web 2.0 site as like WordPress.Com, My.Opera.Com, Livejournal.Com, Tumblr.Com, Weebly.Com, etc we are provide some high PR base web 2 site that can be help to make a Complete web 2.0

Page Rank 8 web 2 Site
Page Rank 7 web 2 Site
Page Rank 6 web 2 Site 
Page Rank 5 web 2 Site 
Page Rank 3 web 2 Site

Then go to this web 2 site as like 

Complete web 2.0

 Here you can sign up or click to Get Started for beginner.

Then show this type of features

Complete web 2.0

Here you choice any theme related to your topic as like Business, Online Store, Fashion, Personal, etc .

Then you droop down some features as like tittle, paragraph, image, gallery, video, etc. You have no restriction for droop down item as like

Complete web 2.0

After complete your design then published your web 2, here have some features as like subdomain, new domain or your already buy domain.

Complete web 2.0

Here you select subdomain because it’s free another way if select you need pay. After select subdomain you type your domain name as like “outsourcing” if you see it’s not available then add some digit or word as like “outsourcingincome” then showing it’s available.
after complete this domain selection process click to continue. after that showing this type of dialog box, Now this time you can share your web 2 site in social platform or another platform as like any type of website or web blog. 

Complete web 2

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