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The best WordPress themes customize. WP customization easy trick especially for Indian people and also custom WordPress theme bd. We are providing cms WordPress, free WordPress themes, how to change WordPress theme, WordPress customizer, WordPress developer, WordPress theme customization, etc. information and technique. This article help beginners and learner wp developer.

After complete install a WordPress theme you can easily do some essential activity in theme customized option. where the search box will appear, what’s left, whether the calendar remains, how the menu will be shown, how recently the posts will be shown, etc. and also 20/25 types of accessories can be made from here. Below are some examples.

How To Setup WordPress Best Concept 2018 – Wp Tips For Bd & India

How to Setup WordPress Best Concept 2018 – WP Tips for BD & India

The Best WordPress Themes Customize

  • If the “site title & tagline” fill the input box from the slider, the text will be the title of the site and will appear in the browser. If you do not want to see a title, uncheck the “Display Site Title & Tagline” checkbox.

custom wordpress theme

  • Open the “color” slider and decide the colors of the entire site from there, and also the color of the title can be fixed, the title does not show the title of the browser, but when you see it, you can see the color.
  • “Header Image” Here you can add any picture on the frontend of the site (headers), like a banner. 1260 x 240 This will be the best fit if you make a picture of this resolution. Click on the “Add new image” button to add a new picture.
  • From “Background Image” you can show any background pictures on the site. The picture that will be selected from “Select Image” will be shown as the background of the site.
  • “Widgets” are important. Sidebar or Functionality on the left-hand side of the site is a widget. Such as search boxes, categories, recent comments, archives or museums, recent posts, etc. Click on “Widgets” again, 3 sliders like the one below the widget.

custom wordpress theme

  • By default the WordPress widgets you can click on these 3 slides and place them in the desired place in 3 will get the same widget, the purpose of creating 3 sliders is to place them in 3 places. If you select from “Primary Sidebar”, the widget is left to the left, “Content Sidebar” will be added to the content and from the “Footer Widget Area” to the right sidebar. These 3 sliders can be changed anywhere and even newer sliders can be made, but they will show them during theme development.
  • Click on any slider, then the list of available widgets will appear as we have left 6 widgets in this example, so that in the list of “Primary Sidebar” they will see 6.
  • Such as click any one from the list, the corresponding options will be shown in the widget, such as “Recent Post” and see which box there is a “Title” which will give it the title of the latest post (the frontline of the site). Then you can decide how many posts you want to show, by the number of numbers in the box “Number of the post to show”. Tick the “Display post date” checkbox and show the date of that post with each recent post. If you do not want to show this widget, you can delete it by clicking the “Remove” link at the bottom.

After that, the “static front page” option will be displayed in the settings so it can be edited.

Next to “customize” is the “widgets” submenu. From here we can see the tasks that are displayed on the sub menus of “customize”. Look at the picture below.


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