How to Give WordPress Site Title and Tagline

How to give wordpress site title and tagline. We are provided here wordpress site title, wordpress title, custom wordpress theme, wordpress page title, etc. full information. Now, however, new bloggers are heading towards wordpress. Especially for the simple interface, it is increasingly used. So many people chose wordpress as the first choice for starting private blogs.wordpress site title and tagline

Many of the newcomers cannot open the site title and tagline even if they open the blog in WordPress. The Site Title website is displayed above when you turn on the browser. The tagline is the identity of that blog. The tagline is used to give an idea about the site in brief with few words. This is how the two works should be done in this tutorial. To log in to the WordPress site, write the name of the site / wp-admin. For example- admin

Then go to the dashboard panel. To go there, click the Settings option on the left side.wordpress site title and tagline

Then a new sub-option can be seen. From there click on General – General settings will be seen. There is a site title above everyone. The title of the site will be written on the right side. Then click on the tagline to write the tagline. When you finish writing, go to the bottom and click on the Save button to save it.

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