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How to make a robot, robots for kids, robots, build a robot, robot kits, etc this not same it’s “robots.txt” file is a file that tells search engine that search engine will crawl any page of a site and will not crawl some pages. This robots.txt file is in root folder in a webpage or website.

How to create a Robots.txt file

Robots.txt file with search engine bots, crawl and spider sites, which pages will be viewed and which pages will not be visible. Control of this system is called Robots Exclusion Protocol (Robots Exclusion Protocol) or Robots Exclusion Standard. Before making this file, let us identify some of the symbols used here

Robots.txt Protocol Standard Syntax & Semantics

Part / sign description

User-agent: refers to robot 

Wildcard User-agent: It means all robots

Disallow: Each line starts with disallow. Then you can set the path to / with the URL. In this way, the path or file or the pages will not crumble the robots. If there is no path left, then disallow will work.

To make a comment. After this, a line is written so that this line can then be understood as to what the code below will be.

Disallow field can represent partial or full URL. / Path that is followed by a mark will not visit the path robot.

Disallow: / help

Disallows both /help.html and /help/index.html, while

Disallow: / help /

 Will disallow /help/index.html but allow /help.html

Some Examples How to Make a Robot

All robots will allow all file visits (wildcard “*” indicating all robots)

User-agent: *how to make a robot


All robots will not visit any files

User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Only the visit of Googlebot will be allowed

the rest will not be able to visit

User-agent: Googlebot


User-agent: *

Disallow: /

Only the visit of Googlebot and Yahoo! Spark will have the approval, the rest will not be available

User-agent: GoogleBot

User-agent: Slurp


User-agent: *

Disallow: /

If you want to stop a specific bot visit then

User-agent: *


User-agent: Tema

Disallow: /

With this file, if you stop crawling any URL or pages on your site, these pages can show anywhere, due to some problems. For example, the referral log may show URLs. Besides, there are some search engines whose algorithms are not very advanced, hence these engines When the spider / boat sends to crawl, they will crawl all your URLs by ignoring the instructions in the robots.txt file.

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