What is Google Sitemap & How to Make Sitemap File

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What is Google Sitemap ? google sitemap

Sitemap is an XML file that contains all the links to any website, along with some other information so that search engines can easily and effectively roaming the website and index the necessary web pages. Webmasters inform search engines about indexed pages on their website with sitemaps

How to Make Sitemap File

Sitemaps can be built in a few ways. By holding the link manually, you can make a code by using the Vigos Sitemap software or the XML Sitemaps website. It is very easy to create a Sitemap with a link to the website. Those who use wordpress or joomla, they can automatically create sitemaps using Google XML Sitemaps and Xmap plug-in.

Apart from those who use blogger.com or wordpress.com blog so that there is no file upload (FTP) facility, they can use the RSS feed of the blog as a sitemap.

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