Not Getting Good Income From Adsense? – This Reasons Mainly Affected

Not getting good income from adsense ? Understand this reasons and make solution, I hope can be increase your total Adsense income day by day. This is the main reasons for not getting good income from adsense.

Not Getting Good Income From Adsense?not getting good income from adsense

  • There is not enough post in your blog
  • There is not enough post, meaning there is no visitor
  • Visitor does not mean there is no click on
  • Not suitable for your blog’s content readers
  • CPCs of your favorite topics / keywords
  • You do not update your blog regularly
  • You do not have to place adstals in the right place on the blog
  • You are not using the right size adstot
  • You are not using the text and image type’s ad slots
  • Most visitors to your site are Asian, (basically Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani) so CPC and CTR are getting less

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