What is Ok Google – About Google Now

The google now or ok google, say ok google, launcher app was popular for searching the information using voice commands. For the benefit of its use it was well known earlier.

Google-now-launcher is now optimized for all android updates including android 4.1. In the last february, when google unveiled these apps, it opened only for Nexus 5, but other devices in the nexus and It was also open on the google play edition device.

Through these apps the desired information can be seen on the home screen. for this reason, go to ‘hot google’ and you will have to activate the voice search command. It will not need to touch any button or touch the smartphone to search through it.ok google

Google will automatically find answers to all the questions automatically when you give voice guidance. and for that you have to make a question about ‘google itself’.

The new app is in the ‘custom-made time-to-live’ system. which will give you a lot of magical feelings. download it from play store to get your android app.

Another feature is google artificial personal assistant google now. The technology news android police said this information.

Released in the news, google is not getting a new feature soon, which allows a user to control the desired information. That is, google will track what kind of information the user wants to get.

The possible name of the new feature is ‘xploar interests’. through this, users can specify their desired information in the categories of sports, tv, movie, musician, general public, etc. users will get all these categories of information via google now card.

A google spokeswoman confirmed the news of new feature, “xplore investors is still in the experimental stage. The audit of its interface is underway. ‘

 In 2012, google’s android jelly bean operating system was first introduced to google.

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