What Is On Page SEO Optimization – A Complete On Page SEO Guidelines

On Page SEO Optimization?

On page seo optimization is one of the part of search engine optimisation, on-page optimisation refers to factors that have an effect on your websites or Web page listing in natural search results. These factors are fully controlled by you and coding on your page. You can also do keyword research. Examples of on-page optimisation include actual HTML code, Meta tags, keyword placement and keyword density. On page seo increase your website visibility and that can be refer to organic traffic. With this successful on page seo you may measure and compare about organic traffic vs paid traffic. Where off page seo optimization is one of the biggest part of seo.

What you should follow?

To make a unique post seo friendly you should use those part for a post. You may use some popular WordPress seo plugins and manually set those section before publish your post.

on page seo optimization

√ Start a title with main keyword

√ Use a SEO friendly URL must avoid ugly URL

√ Add a modifiers on your title

√ Mentioned your title in H1 tag

√ Dazzle with multimedia

√ Stay your keyword in first 100 word of total content

√ Use internal linking with your similar post link

√ Use outbound linking with your post of other web

√ Boost your website speed like page load time

√ Sprinkle LSI keywords

√ Use some popular social sharing buttons

√ Optimize your images

√ Use long article that google prefer

√ Use alt text for your images

√ Research your competitors for that keywords

If you use those section of your website or blog post then you think now you are in right way. If you obey this system for all of those post you may aspect a good eye of Google. After a few weeks later you will see your post in google search result and you are getting organic search traffic.

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