How to Setup WordPress Best Concept 2018 – WP Tips for BD & India

How to Setup WordPress best concept 2018 or wp tips for bd & India. If you install WordPress then a blog has been created. Installing is also very easy. Today we are discussing setup WordPress best concept 2018 step by step. This topic especially for beginner and learner not for an expert. WP knowledge help to build a personal and organizational website.

Create a directory/folder named “tutorial” on your server (localhost/development server) on htdocs and download the downloaded zip archive ( You can find an extracted folder named “wordpress“. Paste this into the folder and paste it in “tutorial”. All of the above was the localhost/tutorial/wordpress and now in the original localhost/tutorial, nothing else. The contents of the “tutorial” directory will be found in the image below.

setup wordpress best concept 2018

Now you have to create a database. Let’s say, tut_db, if you do not know how to create databases, please see this tutorial.setup wordpress best concept 2018

setup wordpress best concept 2018

setup wordpress best concept 2018


This is the admin panel. This is your site’s back-end If you want to see the front end of the site from here on the home icon. then the “Visit Site” link will appear on the home icon, click here to see the site.

setup wordpress best concept 2018

Using this admin panel. we can show you how to post new articles on the site and create new pages. Many of these projects can be done. There will be lots of technical discussions. Look at the admin panel to see how many menus.

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