The Google Analytics Value for a Website – How to Setup Google Analytics

The Google analytics value for a website, we can say in some simple word but we don’t know how much value of it’s. Some people just simply create a website and start blogging but they don’t know about some most importent of a websites. This is why I have saying here about Google analytics value of any website Monetization.

The Google Analytics value for a Website

To link or connect your website first create a gmail account or if you already have a gmail account then go to this link and signup for Google analytics account. It is one of the best part of all SEO tools

The Google analytics value for a website

After completing the signup process now we are on the Google analytics dashboard. Now copy the code and past it on any pages what you did like to track and analysis for your website.

Benefit of Google Analytics

Primary benefit of Google analytics is Audience behavior that’s means. Who visit your site, form where, what time, what browser, GEO location, what device etc. So I think to get started a successful business you should to know use of Google analytics.

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