Top 70 Free SEO Tools

Top 70 free SEO tools is mostly used for completely website or web journal seo. SEO is most important part for website development and get traffic. at this time every web admin want to successfully done seo and this free seo tools help to successfully done SEO.

Top 70 Free SEO Tools  List

1. Anchor Text Over Optimization Tool

1Activity : Link Research, Technical SEO
About: Worried about Google’s Penguin algorithm hitting you for over-optimized anchor text? Simply type in your URL for a full report of which links might raise flags.
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2. Bing Webmaster Tools

2Activity : Tools Suite, Diagnostic
About : Similar in function to Google Webmaster Tools, Bing offers a suite of interesting research tools and resources for webmasters.
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3. Bitly

Activity: Social, Analytics
About : Most people use Bitly for URL shortening, but the real power of this platform comes from its analytic.
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4. Boomerang

Activity : Email, Productivity
About : Boomerang lets you follow up on emails, even when you forget. Great for link building or any time you send a lot of emails.
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5. Buffer

Activity : Social
About : Optimize your online social media sharing. Buffer allows you to share with your audience at the optimal times for greater visibility.
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6. BuiltWith

Activity : Competitive Intelligence
About : Use BuiltWith to discover what technology nearly any website was, well, built with. Great for competitive intelligence as well.
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7. Buzzstream Tools Suite

Activity : Link Building, Tools Suite, Email
About : Most people know Buzzstream as an outreach platform, but they also offer a number of free link-building tools. This company gets it.
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8. Caption Tube

Activity : Video
About : Free and easy resource used to create captions for YouTube. Helps with usability and offers viewers a readable transcript.
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9. CircleCount

Activity : Social, Analytics
About : Google+ analytics ramped up. Free resource to track your followers and analyze your shares. See how many followers you’ve gained over time.
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10. Content Strategy Generator Tool

10Activity : Content
About : This tool from SEOgadget helps you plan your content strategy intelligently, using keyword research and estimating your audience size.
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11. Convert Word Documents to Clean HTML

Activity : Content, Productivity
About : Despite the rise of Google Docs, Word still dominates much of the world. Copying and pasting has always been a hurdle, but this tool makes it easy.
Tools Site :

12. Copyscape

Activity : Content
About : Copyscape serves both as a plagiarism checker and a duplicate-content checker. Great to use if your content has been distributed across the web.
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13. Domain Hunter Plus

Activity : Link Building
About : This magic extension for Chrome not only helps you find important broken links, but also tells you if the links point to an available domain.
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Activity : Infographics
About : Free tools for creating and sharing inforgraphics. The templates allow anyone to create a professional-looking graphic.
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15. Email Format

Activity : Email, Productivity
About : Email Format helps you find the proper structure for thousands of companies and organizations across the web.
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16. FindPeopleonPlus

Activity : Social
About : The ultimate Google+ directory that’s great for research, outreach, and link building. Sort by keywords, profession, country, and more.
Tools Site :

17. Frobee Robots.txt Checker

Activity : Robots.txt, Technical SEO
About : Many robots.txt files contain hidden errors not easily visible to humans. Run your file through this tool and you never know what you’ll discover.
Tools Site :

18. GetListed

Activity : Local, Moz
About : This awesome local SEO tool scores your local SEO visibility and gives you actionable next steps to raise your score.
Tools Site :

19. Google Keyword Planner

Activity : Keyword Research
About : The tool to replace Google’s popular keyword tool has been derided by some, but still offers data not available anywhere else.
Tools Site :

20. Google Analytics

Activity : Analytics
About : The most popular of all the analytics tools available, Google Analytics continually innovates and sets the standard.
Tools Site :

21. Google Analytics API

Activity : API, Analytics
About : The Google Analytics API is great for building custom reports and tools, and also for pulling data straight into Excel or Google Docs.
Tools Site :

22. Google Map Maker

Activity : Local
About : Among other things, Google Map Maker allows you to contribute to public map information, which may be  shared and incorporated into Google Maps.
Tools Site :

23. Google PageSpeed Insights

Activity : Speed
About : Tools, data, and insights to improve your page speed. Page speed is correlated with better rankings and user engagement, so this matters.
Tools Site :

24. Google Public Data

Activity : Content
About : Drawing on vast public databases, Google public data offers a great starting point for content research, infographics, and more.
Tools Site :

25. Google SERP Snippet Optimization Tool


Activity : Technical SEO, CRO
About : That SEO Mofo! Use this tool to see how your snippet may appear in Google’s search results. Add structured data, review stars, and more.
Tools Site :

26. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

Activity : Structured Data, Technical SEO
About : If you use microformats or any other type of structured data, this tool will verify your markup.
Tools Site :

27. Google Trends


Activity : Keyword Research
About : See what’s trending in Google search results and view keyword search popularity over time. A must for trends.
Site Tools :

28. Google Webmaster

Activity : Tools Suite, Diagnostic
About : The interface recently received an overhaul, and Google Webmaster remains a must-have resource of diagnostic and health tools for site owners.
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Activity : Productivity
About : IFTTT stands for IF This, Then That. The tool allows you to create automatic triggers between various apps, like Gmail and Twitter.
Tools Site :


Activity : Infographics
About : A great free Infographics resource that allows you to easily create graphics and data visualizations.
Tools Site :

31. Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO Tools

Activity : Tools Suite
About : The Ninjas are some of the best SEOs and online marketers out there, and they’ve put some of their best tools online for free.
Tools Site :

32. Linkstant

Activity : Link Building
About : This nifty analytics tool alerts you anytime someone links to your website. Great for outreach and intelligence gathering.
Tools Site :

33. Email Guesser


Activity : Email, Link Building
About : Need to send an email, but you don’t have the recipient’s address? Type in what you know and this nifty tool will help you figure it out.
Tools Site :


Activity : Email
About : Need to send an email to an untested address, but you don’t want to spam them? Check it first with this mail tester to verify.
Tools Site :

35. MozCast

Activity : SERP Tracking, Moz
About : Want to know if Google is testing its algorithm this week? MozCast gives you a daily weather report to track changes in the SERPs.
Tools Site :

36. MyBlogGuest

Activity : Link Building, Content
About : Guest blogging is still alive and thriving. MyBlogGuest helps you find the good opportunities out there.
Tools Site :

37. Panguin Tool

Activity : Analytics
About : This awesome tool connects with your Google Analytics account to help you see if and when you’ve been hit by Google Algorithm updates.
Tools Site :

38. Pingdom

Activity : Speed
About : Pingdom offers an entire suite of speed tools to help analyze page load, DNS issues, and connectivity.
Tools Site :

39. Piwik

Activity : Analytics
About : Piwik is a lightweight web analytics solution, and a great alternative to Google Analytics.
Tools Site :

40. Rank Checker for Firefox

Activity : Rank Tracking
About : This light and easy desktop tool checks rankings with the click of a button. Quick, easy and free.
Tools Site :

41. Rapportive

Activity : Email, Link Building, Productivity
About : Rapportive works with your Gmail inbox to give you near-instant rich contact information for almost everyone you want to reach. A must-have for marketers.
Tools Site :

42. Remove Duplicate Items

Activity : Productivity
About : Ontolo offers a suite of link building software and a few helpful productivity tools for link builders. The remove duplicates tool solves a common problem.
Tools Site :

43. Robots.txt Checker

Activity : Robots.txt, Technical SEO
About : Use robots best practices and discover hidden errors in your robots.txt files that may cause search engine crawling problems.
Tools Site :

44. Schema Creator

Activity : Structured Data, Technical SEO
About : Everyone loves using, but the microformats are difficult to write by hand. This generator from the folks at Raven simplifies the task.
Tools Site :

45. Scraper for Chrome


Activity : Productivity
About : If you’ve never scraped a webpage, you’re missing out. Scraper for Chrome puts the power of simple web scraping in your hands without the need for code.
Tools Site :

46. Seer Toolbox

Activity : Tools Suite, Analytics, Link Research
About : SEER opened up its internal toolbox for everyone in the world to use. These are the same tools used in-house at SEER, and they rock.
Tools Site :

47. SEO Toolbar


Activity : Tools Suite, Toolbar, Technical SEO
About : On of the most popular tools available, The SEO Toolbar puts a ton of information at your fingertips including backlinks and competitive research.
Tools Site :

48. SEO Tools for Excel

Activity : Tools Suite, Analytics, Social
About : You don’t need to be an Excel ninja to use Niels Bosma’s SEO Tools for Excel. This plugin does so many things many SEOs won’t work without it.
Tools Site :

49. SEOgadget Links API

Activity : API, Link Research
About : The SEOgadget Links API lets you easily gather not only backlink data but contact information as well. A huge time saver.
Tools Site :

50. SEOgadget Tools


Activity : Tools Suite
About : This suite of tools from the Gadget lab includes several Excel plugins, a content strategy generator, and more.
Tools Site :

51. SEOQuake

Activity : Toolbar, Tools Suite, Technical SEO
About : More raw data than any other SEO toolbar out there.
Tools Site :

52. SharedCount

Activity : Social, Analytics
About : Want to know how any piece of content was shared socially across the major services? This is the tool to use.
Tools Site :

53. SharedCount API

Activity : API, Social
About : Harnessing the combined statistics of Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and more, the SharedCount API puts a ton of social data at your fingertips.
Tools Site :

54. Similar Page Checker

Activity : Content, Technical SEO
About : Use this tool to check for duplicate content issues. The Similar Page Checker will give you a score of how closely the HTML of two pages resemble each other.
Tools Site :

55. Sitemap Generators

Activity : Sitemaps
About : Google offers a slew of free, top-notch sitemap generators. Most of these live on your server and generate new sitemaps automatically.
Tools Site :

56. Social Authority API

Activity : API, Social
About : How much reach and social authority do your followers have? How about the people you’re trying to connect with? The free Social Authority API will tell you.
Tools Site :

57. Social Crawlytics

Activity : Social, Analytics
About :  Social Crawlytics allows you to conduct competitive research by showing you your competitors’ most-shared content. Lots of other features as well.
Tools Site :

58. Social Mention

Activity : Social
About : Social mention offers real-time social media search and analysis. Enter a search term and see who’s sharing what, right now.
Tools Site :

59. Text Cleaner

Activity : Content
About : Some of the best tools solve the simplest problems. Text cleaner cleans up all kinds of text formatting when copying and pasting between aplications.
Tools Site :

60. Ubersuggest

Activity : Keyword Research
About : Every SEO loves Ubersuggest for its ease of use and wealth of keyword research ideas. Utilizing the power of Google Suggest, it returns hundreds of potential results.
Tools Site :

61. URI Valet

Activity : Technical SEO
About : A great tool for digging into server headers, canonical information, analyzing redirect problems and more.
Tools Site :

62. Virante SEO Tools

Activity : Tools Suite
About : Virant offers a number of high quality SEO tools to the public. These are often the same tools developed for the Virant team, opened up for public use.
Tools Site :

63. Wayback Machine

Activity : Competitive Intelligence
About : Want to see the history of your website or your competitor’s site? The Wayback Machine allows you to step back in time and track important changes.
Tools Site :

64. WebPagetest

Activity : Speed
About : Quick and easy website speed tool. Offers suggestions for improving performance.
Tools Site :

65. Wordle

Activity : Content
About : Create beautiful word clouds. Great for visualizations, graphics, and research.
Tools Site :

66. Wordstream Free Keyword Tools

Activity : Keyword Research, Tools Suite
About : In addition to its paid offerings, Wordstream offers a suite of free keyword tools offering access to thousands of keyword suggestions.
Tools Site :

67. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Activity : Diagnostic, Technical SEO
About : Winner of the ugliest-SEO-tool-on-the-planet award, Xenu is also one of the most useful. Crawl entire sites, find broken links, create sitemaps, and more.
Tools Site :


Activity : Sitemaps
About : XML-Sitemaps offers probably the easiest sitemap creation solution anywhere. Great for smaller sites when you need a sitemap in minutes.
Tools Site :

69. Yahoo Pipes

Activity : Content, Productivity
About : A great mashup tool that combines different feeds into content and other magical creations. Used for link building and whatever you can dream of.
Tools Site :

70. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Activity : Technical SEO
About : If you could only choose one WordPress plugin for you site, the first would be from Yoast, and so would the second. This one sets the standard.
Tools Site :