Web Page Development Tips 2018 – Beginners Website Development India & BD

Web page development tips 2018 or beginners website development India & bd. Web page development is the application for a website. We are also providing some information as like website development, website builder, website design, make your own website, etc. Web page development that means logging system, uploading files to the database, saving newsletters signup, pagination, image manipulation, social media sharing, buttons etc. Originally a web designer has developed an external infrastructure of a website, then it works with the development of a web application in that web developer. Generally, a web designer creates static web pages and the developer has to do the task of dynamic it.

Web Page Development Tips 2018

If you want to be a good web developer you must have an idea about web design. To learn web development, you need to know the following.

Website Design and Web Development – How to Learn Web Development?

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language

The full meaning of HTML is – Hypertext Markup Language. This is not the programming language is a markup language. Learning HTML is much easier than any other programming language. It is so easy that any common person can learn HTML without any knowledge of any programming language. HTML is also called a skeleton of a web page. It creates the structure of a web page.

CSS: Cascading Style Sheets

The full meaning of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, a markup language. CSS determines how the documents in the browser are displayed by HTML, how it will look. That is, what will be the background, how much will be the font of the text, what color will it be, how much space will be left next to it, how much will be the distance from one writing to another, even the latest CSS3 content can be animated and added. HTML is a web page’s skeleton and CSS is on it, meat, leather, size, shape etc. on it. To make a web page beautiful, you must know how to use CSS.

Photoshop: Design Tools

Photoshop’s basic idea for Web Design Here’s how to learn the main work of Photoshop, then make the PSD to HTML template from PSD. Besides, to know how to create picture size, logo, banner, button etc.

Javascript: Client Side Scripting Language

JavaScript is the Client Side Scripting Language, it is also called Browser Scripting or Browser’s language. This means that the code written with this language can run/execute these scripts only in a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Google Chrome, etc.

Jquery (jquery):

The Jquery is a function library of JavaScript. Jquery will make your website easy to use in JavaScript. The program that you used to take a lot of time in JavaScript, allows you to program very easily at Geekueir Madam. Before learning about Jquery, Apana must know HTML, CSS, and Javascript. If you do not know these languages, you will not be able to learn Jquery.

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

The full meaning of PHP is – Hypertext Preprocessor (Hypertext Preprocessor). PHP is a server-side cross-platform programming language and it is called server-side scripting. Because the code written by this programming language is executed or executed on the server itself. Scripting is another synonym for the program. This is the set of some instruction, which automatically works if run.

And server side means that these scripts are handled or controlled from the server rather than controlling the user’s computer. Whenever someone visits a web page made with PHP, then the web server will process some PHP code. For example, which needs to be shown (Image, Content etc.) it will show the user and hide what it needs to hide (math calculation, file operation etc) and finally convert it to HTML and send it to the user’s web browser. PHP is basically used for web development. The main purpose of this programming language is to create a website dynamically.

MySQL: My Structured Query Language

MySQL’s full meaning is – My Structured Query Language. MySQL is actually a superset version of SQL (Structured Query Language), SQL is commonly used to communicate with the database. That means SQL is a database management system (DMS) and has been created by adding many features to MySQL. Databases are needed when creating a dynamic website with PHP programming language. And this database is designed or created with SQL or MySQL. Creating a dynamic website with PHP programming language is important for SQL or MYSQL.


Besides, you can easily create a dynamic web site, such as PHP, framework, such as codeigner, cake PHP, jend, simfoni, Yi, coahana etc. In addition to any framework, you can create a dynamic website, but it will take longer and more code to be written.