Website Design and Web Development – How to Learn Web Development?

Website design and web development or how to learn web development? For web and software design and learn web development. the first thing we need to know is that HTML and CSS. We are also providing here web development, website developer, web programming, best website design, design a website, etc. information and tips. We are want to help beginners and learners.

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How to Learn Web Development?




Both are the markup language, no programming language. with these two languages, you can create a static website or software. When you later




PHP is a programming language and SQL database language. if you learn both languages, you can create a dynamic web site or software.

Then you

If you learn the JavaScript language, you will be able to create an attractive and visually impaired web site or software. Besides, while designing and developing web and software, you will need to work on various graphics.

That’s why it is better to know the work of Photoshop, illustrator or graphics. we can also create software with c, python or visual basic if we want to. However, considering the speed of the software or application created by c, all the better.

What is Markup Language and Programming Language?

Both the HTML and CSS markup languages. there are many more such markup languages. with the two languages, you will display the same results as you type the code. he can not do anything beyond that. if you ask these two languages, how much will be 5 and 5? he can not give you any results, because it is a markup language. but if you ask a programming language, such as PHP or JavaScript, how much will it be to add 5 and 5? he’ll tell you 10 soon or, if you ask 5 and 5 times how much? he can say that too. because it’s a programming language. there are many programming languages in addition to PHP or JavaScript.

What is Static and Dynamic?

we can make our website or software two ways. one is static and the other is dynamic. it is not possible to change without the need to add, edit or cancel anything that is on our web or software page, static page. dynamic pages that can be modified without the original code to connect, edit, or cancel any web or software page. like facebook, we can add Facebook, our profile, any post, friend, add, edit and delete it. it is possible for us to do that, mainly due to the web site being dynamic. so, when creating a website or software, everything should be kept in mind.

How are The Websites Created?

The first of all designers design a website. typically Photoshop offers an externally designed look. but in the text images used in Photoshop, we can not understand the browser we use such as Firefox, Google chrome etc. to illustrate these browsers, there are several languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. the design that is first made in Photoshop with HTML is made up of a structure. then CSS is designed to be designed in Photoshop. various advanced features such as JavaScript and jquery are included in the design. further, PHP is used to make the website accessible to MySQL and so on.

Learn Web Development

At first, you have to decide that spending at least two years will be spent just for learning. then join the two groups of Facebook is one and the foundation group of the foundation is another and odesk now upwork help group. by joining the group, firstly, the group files fall. at first, do not understand anything but still be patient. after that, they will continue to read regularly in the group.

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Where to Learn?

Now you have so many resources online that you can easily learn alone. w3schools where you can find all the tutorial resources. and all the tools available on the tools page. or you can also learn from different types of training centers. keep in mind one thing. there are now a handful of training centers in our country.

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