WordPress Security Process – How to Enter WordPress Page and Post Password?

WordPress security process or how to enter wordpress page and post password. Here we also provide password protect wordpress site, wordpress password protect a page, wordpress website, password protect wordpress, create password, password protection, wordpress security process, etc. information Many people do not want to share many publicly shared information on the blog. If you have the ability to password on any page, some people can be able to see the page. How to password in the WordPress site page is shown in this tutorial. Initially, on WordPress dashboard, You need to enter the username and password.

wordpress security process

Then click on the ‘pages’ option on the left side. From there, click on the ‘add new’ page. Then, when a new page is launched, it will go to the publishing option on the right side. From there, from the ‘visibility’ option, click on ‘password protected’ and click on the ‘OK’ option with the desired password. Then click the publish button below. Then the page will be published and if someone wants to enter the page then you have to enter the password. No one can enter the page without a password.

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