How To Set Up WordPress Admin Panel – WordPress Website Registration Process

How to set up WordPress admin panel or WordPress website registration process. Here also available WordPress website, WordPress themes, WordPress design, theme WordPress, etc. information and helping tricks.

WordPress admin Like all other accounts open, you can easily make an account on WordPress. Let’s first go to WordPress’s own website. WordPress’s own site is Click on the Sign-UP button here or click here. Then a registration form will come in front of you. Fill in the right way and click the Sign-Up button.

wordpress website registration
WordPress Registration Process

Blog Address: Enter your blog address here. Eg: “allseolink” Then your blog address will be

Username: Enter username here EX: allseolink.

Password: Enter your password here.

Confirm Password: Replace your password here.

E-mail Address: Enter your e-mail address in the box. In this case, you can create a new email.

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Click the Sign-Up button. If all is well, then the account will be opened. Now open your email and see a confirmation link. Click the link, then your account will be activated. Now login to your account. Go here for this. Then there will be the login bar to see above. Enter your username and password here. Or, enter your blog address in your browser’s address bar and then write / wp-admin Eg: Here, instead of allseolink, give your blog ID. Then enter your blog’s boardboard or control panel. From here you will have to control everything on your blog.